Being Single is NOT A Disease!!!

Hey Beauties,

Today, I’m speaking on a subject that hits home for me. I’m sure some of my other single ladies may be able to relate. Soooo…here goes! Mama is about to get allllll in her business LOL.

I am a 30-year-old mother of one. I’m young, intelligent, humorous, attractive, God-fearing, vivacious (among many qualities), and SINGLE! That used to sound horrible and lame to me.  After a couple of rough dates, meeting guys who just weren’t compatible, and being tired of trying to make us compatible…I GAVE UP!! Surely, something MUST”VE been wrong with me! At least, that is what I thought.

We live in a society that puts soooo much emphasis on relationships. At my age (and according to society), I should be married and working on kid #2. Until recently (VERYYY recently), I struggled with being single. I mean, being single does have some cons. Cold nights seem to be colder when you don’t have a pair of warm legs to rub against and it can suck to not have someone to share intimate moments with. Sometimes you wanna talk to your man about your day and not your girlfriend…ya know? There are also pros to being single. You can date anyone you please. You can spend more time with your girls and take time pampering and enjoying YOU. Still feel bad about being single? Guess what? *looks in the mirror* You will survive…I promise!!


Let me get personal again for a moment. I have spent so much of my time complaining about being single that I haven’t made time to actually enjoy being single. I’ve been so busy worrying about who is now in a relationship and why I’m still not in a relationship. I haven’t made time to enjoy me. I’ve been trying to forge something that I am honestly not prepared for…at this moment. Everything happens in its due season and I am no longer caught up or tripping about the single life. I plan to enjoy ME!

I just came to remind my beauties that:

  • Being single is NOT a disease!!
  • There is no rule that says you have to be married by a certain age.
  • Everyone who is in a relationship is NOT happy!! Stop coveting! Do YOU!
  • Get rid of old baggage before you buy new luggage!
  • Find out what makes you happy before you try to find someone to make happy!
  • A relationship shouldn’t define you and neither should a man
  • Love yourself but more importantly love God!
  • Hold on to your morals and values! Do not lose sight of what’s right
  • Laugh hard, live life to the fullest, and love hard BUT trust God! Sometimes the things/people we try to hold onto are the very things/people who He is trying to remove. Go through the process so that you can get THE BEST! =)



That’s all for now ladies. I hope I covered all bases but if I missed any…PLEASEEE feel free to comment and add your own! Remember, single is NOT a disease! Be liberated but more importantly, BmoreBeautiful.

Until next time…


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