Searching For Beauty

Hey Beauties,

I’m so thankful for the constant support of this blog. I enjoy the emails, the views, and the words of encouragement. It lets me know that what I’m doing here is not in vain. When you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s usually because I’m doing some self-evaluation. I like to look over my life and see what I need to change and what I actually enjoy about myself. I consider myself to be honest in terms of recognizing my flaws and my strengths. I am not who/what I used to be and I am not who/what I’m going to be. Everyday is an effort to be better. Sometimes I meet the mark, other times….not so much. That is the beauty of being human. It’s realizing that we are perfectly imperfect and starting the journey to work on it…the journey to achieve greatness. I like to think of it as fine tuning our imperfections. Here is my inspired word for today…

It’s easy to point out the flaws in others (some struggle with pointing out their own flaws). I think it takes more of an effort to recognize the better qualities. Especially when it’s a person with a difficult personality. Sometimes, without getting to know a person, we can judge them unfairly. Or maybe, we may know some things about a person…but not much. We just that know that their personality irks us to NO END. Beauties, we should be careful with this. We do not know everyone’s story and EVERYONE HAS A STORY! Don’t even think about the other person right now…let’s look at this from our OWN perspective. We don’t like to be judged or criticized too harshly. Shouldn’t other people be treated the way we’d like to be treated or handled? We do not always know what people struggle with, what they pray about, what they ask to be delivered from, what strides they are making to change, and etc. We just hone in on the negatives instead of fishing around for the positives.

Am I suggesting that we will get along with everyone? Nope. I am also not suggesting that you will hold hands with everyone and skip down the street singing Kumbayah. What I am simply stating is that…sometimes we don’t even make an attempt to co-exist or get to know people we sometimes clash with. We automatically write them off without getting their story. When reading a book you get the background information, you learn the story and it gives you a better understanding of the character. It doesn’t mean you’re going to like the villain BUT you have a better understanding of how he/she operates. The same thing can apply in life! You learn the person’s story. You never know how much you may have in common!!!

Let us search for the beauty in people (even the difficult people who make it SO hard). Let us work hard so that we are not viewed as the difficult person! Let us learn someone’s story to get a better understanding of them and let us share our own stories. You never know who may be delivered, inspired, or who has experienced the same thing. We all know the famous cliche…”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, let’s be the beholders and find the rose that may be growing in the concrete


Until next time….let us strive to BmoreBeautiful!!


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