Choose Wisely!

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” – Unknown

Hey Beauties,

I have been tossing this topic around for months and today while I was on Twitter, I saw the above quote. It was like a divine revelation to me. Although I’m really not sure what direction I’m going to go in…I just knew when I read this quote that it was time to move forward on this topic. I felt like it was God giving me a nudge lol. I asked myself the question (and a few other people for good measure)…Is there a difference between change and growth? We hear people talking about changing for the better and that’s an AWESOME thing but would it be more accurate to say they just experienced growth as an individual? Perspectives vary so of course I got mixed answers when I asked people, “Are growth and change the same or are they two completely different things?”, “Can you change and not necessarily grow?” My answer is growth and change aren’t the same and that you can change and it doesn’t mean that you’re growing. Here’s my theory:

Change is a natural process, the natural order of things. The world is ever-changing because it is the natural order. That’s why we have The Ice Age, The Stone Age, The Iron Age, and etc.  The leaves on trees change in the fall, the young become the old, and etc. That is what I think of in terms of change. Growth on the other hand, is when you can see progress. If you can look back 5 years and your life is exactly the same (ANY aspect of it), you haven’t grown. I am a victim of stunted growth in some areas of my life and I’m sure others of you are as well. If not, show me how to get on your level LOL. Thankfully, this is not a permanent predicament. Everyone is capable of growth! IF…you are WILLING!!This is why we must CONSTANTLY evaluate ourselves, our lives, our relationships so that we can assess how to move forward. Let us not be comfortable reaching a plateau. Let us all adopt a mindset of progression versus a mindset of stagnation.

Are you stuck at a job you’re completely unhappy with and you want to start a promising career? That’s completely do-able!! Do you have bad habits or things you notice about yourself that you’d like to change? It CAN happen!! Tired of the same people, with the same mindset, going nowhere and fast? Do you want to surround yourself with more positive peers? Make it happen!! Be determined…be diligent!! We are our only obstacles standing in the way of growth. Make a dream board, create a realistic list of short-term and long-term goals you’d like to achieve and work HARD to achieve them, and change your surroundings so that you can GROW! Flowers do not grow in unfavorable soil…the same way you will  NOT grow in an environment that isn’t conducive.

I am striving hard for growth. Strive with me! Let’s grow as women, as mothers, as spouses, as peers, but more importantly…as INDIVIDUALS!

Until next time….Let’s continue to BmoreBeautiful


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