Back to the Basics

Easy Steps for applying makeup

*Note: You don’t need to wear a full face of foundation every day (if you wear it at all).


1. FACE : Take a concealer brush and with your concealer just focus on your most apparent problem areas. This could be anything from acne, blemishes to skin discoloration.
*You want to use a concealer that is the color of your regular foundation.

Most concealers are full coverage so you don’t want to place this all over your face just the problem areas.
*Building up too much concealer can come off cakey, and cause creasing so only use what is necessary to cover those areas.

2. UNDER THE EYE: Only use a lighter concealer under the eye when you want to highlight that area. If you are looking to mask dark circles use the same color concealer as your foundation.

Take your ring finger (this is the finger you have less control over so the touch will be light) dab it in your concealer and then dab lightly under the eye area concealing.

Take a fluffy brush and lightly blend out the area making sure that you don’t tug or pull because this area is very sensitive.
*Using your finger to start w/ helps to warm up the product allowing the concealer to apply more smoothly.


1. This is going to give you more coverage and set the concealer.
Take a powder brush, swirl it around your powder (tap off the excess) and apply it to your face in an upward motion; sweeping and swirling.
Don’t forget to sweep some under your eye area where you have placed the concealer. You want to make sure you set your creams w/ a powder.


1. Depending on how you do your brows (or have them done) you want to make sure they are tamed into the shape of your liking. Well maintained brows are really going to bring your look together.

Take a spooly or brow brush and brush your brows upward towards your forehead. Once you have them tamed upward take the brow tool and sweep them toward your ear.

Filling in brows: There are so many things to fill in your brows w/ so find one (or more) that work well for you (ie. creams, waxes, powders).
Line and fill them in the same you want them to be.

**Choose the color that not only matches your hair but your skin tone as well.
No matter your skin or hair color stay away from black. Choose a dark brown or black brown.
*Note: Your brows are sisters but not twins. So if they aren’t identical it’s perfectly fine.


1. UNDER EYE/WATER LINE: When placing liner on the water liner (or lower lash line) DO NOT pull or tug on the eye.
Tilt your head downward and look slightly forward. This will expose the waterline allowing it to be easier to apply w/o tugging.
Pulling at this area will only cause pre-mature wrinkling (screams of

You can also press the under eye area inward which will cause the water line to push outwardly and expose itself making for an easy application.

*This process can be used for cream, gel and even pencil liners.

2. UPPER LASH AREA:  If you decide to place liner on the upper lash line make sure you know how thick you want your line. There is a thin line between loving it and hating it. Too thick a line will cover up a multi colored eyeshadow look so it’s best used with smokey eyes or no shadow at all.
Apply liner on this area in small dashes. If your skin is loose in this area just pull lightly but not too much.

3. TIGHT LINING: This step is best for those with hooded lids and if you don’t like wearing liner on your upper lash area. Cream liner can be applied in this area with a push brush by gently pulling the upper eye area towards the brow and pushing the liner under the upper lash line.
If you use a pencil brush gently pull the eye in the same manner but make small dashes until the area is perfectly lined but being careful not to poke yourself in the eye. Believe me it’s easy to do so.


1. Use what works for you. Brush from the root of your lash to the tip keeping it to 1 or 2 coats. Do not apply mascara to your bottom lashes if they aer very sparse. This will cause the excess mascara to be deposited on your lower lash line making it look messy and smudged.


1. LIP GLOSS: As much as you may love it do not go crazy using it. Too much lip gloss can make your lips look greasy, sticky and unappealing.

2. LIPSTICK: Lipsticks come in all shades and textures. Choose colors that work best w/ your skin, and hair color.

*Always think outside the box when it comes to choosing colors for lip gloss and lipsticks. Even if you think it may not work for you it can always be mixed and experimented with.


1. BLUSH: What was so feared once before has now become the love of most women’s lives. Blush is making a comeback in the best way. Choose a blush that is going to give your complexion that natural beautiful glow.

Swirl your blush brush into the color of your liking and tap off the extra. Apply a little bit at a time making sure that you don’t overdo it.
Now smile! As your smiling sweep the blush from the balls of your cheeks towards the top of your ear.

These are just the basics to make-up but there is so much to learn and know. If you have any questions please let me know and if I don’t have the answer I’ll most certainly get it.
Remember I’m still learning to so this is a journey we’ll take together.



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