Unveiling Your Undertone

In the makeup world you’ll hear a mention of undertones (An undertone in your skin is basically a muted or subdued color of your more dominant complexion). Whether it be commercial ads, makeup books or makeup artists you’ll find that knowing your undertone(s) and finding makeup to compliment it will allow you to feel comfortable in choosing the right colors and/or products for you (or your clients). I’m going to share with you a few ways to determine your (or your clients) undertone  and what colors go great with that specific undertone.

You want to take your time when determining the skins undertone because it can be very difficult but it’s a very important factor in wearing makeup (clothes and/or jewelry). Remember that although your complexion may change your undertone remains the same because it is inscribed in your DNA. Don’t fret if it’s not the undertone you wanted you can still work around the one you were gifted and make it look beautiful.
Finding your Cool (Warm or Neutral):

*Start with a clean face.

*Pull your hair back away from your face as much as possible.

*Take a white sheet of paper, or white cloth (free from designs) and hold it up to your face. (Try using as much natural light as possible.)

*As you press the white paper (or towel) up against your cheek you’ll notice that the paper is pulling a color from the skin side of your face. This right here is your undertone.

(Note: Some people have more than one undertone in their skin making them basically a neutral. So for instance if you notice pink and blue then you are neutral and can wear any colors within those two undertones.)

Being that your undertones are in your DNA a genetic test using your natural eye and hair color can also help you determine what yours is.

Cool: Light eyes w/ blond, or dark hair are in this category and usually have a pink or rosy undertone.

Warm:  Deeper eyes (hazel, black, brown)  w/ dark or reddish hair are usually in this category. Warmer skintones usually have golden or apricot undertones.

Neutral: If after the undertone test you’re still not sure you may very well be in this category. People with neutral skintones can look great in both warm and cool colors.

Color me Beautiful:

So now that you’ve discovered your Cool (Warm or Neutral) undertone let’s get into some hues that will compliment your gorgeous complexion.

Cool as a cucumber – So you’ve found yourself in the cool huh? Well cooler skintones look stunning in bluish based hues like plum, lavender, grapes and wines. Oh and let’s not forget those blue based pinks and reds.

Wonderfully Warm – Your steamy undertone looks most natural in colors that duplicate your skin. Beige, taupe, golds, mochas and of course bronzey finishes give you that buttery brown glow you were born with.

Nice and Neutral – Ok so it sounds boring but your skin tone is nothing but. Look your in the middle of Cool and Warm so that means you’ve got the best of both world. That’s right! Not only can you take advantage of all the colors in those undertones you also have shades of your own that make your skin look FABULOUS!!
Mauves, Berries, Peaches, Corals, Brown-reds, Orange and mostly all shades of red (except blue reds which we’ll save for the Cool kids) are all in your favor.
Ok now that you’ve absorbed the knowledge (hope you were paying attention), go forth and BmoreBeautiful.

Remember: Even after finding your undertone and you are eyeballing a shade in another category try it out nothing is ever written in stone. Have fun with it and as I always say: “If it doesn’t work for you it’s only makeup…it washes off”. *wink*

Written by Amoure


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