Say SPA’AHHH (Pedi Edition)

Posh Pedi’s

Welcome back beauties to another “Say Spa’AHHH”  segment. Last time we were dolling up our digits and this time we’re going to get into the next best thing – that’s right professional spa pedicures at home.
Ok you’re not dreaming I did use  “professional” and “at home” in the same sentence. The same relaxing experience you get at the spa or salon can be done at home saving you another trip that you probably didn’t have time to schedule or you’re simply trying to save a little bit of money. Again I know the joys of having your little toesies, feet massaged and just wanting to have that luxury to pamper yourself. These easy steps for your at-home-spa-pedi can tide you over just in case you can’t get into that appointment or the salon is all booked up and you still want foxy feet for those new open toed strappy pumps.

Let’s get started!!

Sorry for taking you back to those type-writter dancing Hammer-time days but that man could really work his feet. Speaking of let’s get started on our own.

First we want to remove any nail polish or residue from our toe nail beds by using some cotton pads and non-acetone polish remover. Just like with our mani’s the non acetone is gentler on our nails and wont cause breakage or cause them to become brittle.

Next we want to soak our feet in a foot spa and if you don’t have one available to you find a large container or your very own bathtub. Fill the area w/ warm water and add some Epson/Sea Salt; these two combined will improve the circulation in your feet. If you’re looking to feel even more relaxed add some milk bath, or the essential oil of your choice to the warm water. This will definitely upgrade you to the ultimate spa sensation.

After your feet have soaked for 15-20 minutes it’s time to remove the callus or dead skin from them. A pumice stone is gentler on the feet but if you have some really rough patches a callus shaver is great for those areas. (Note: A knife, blade or razor is never suggested to use on your feet. The epidermis or top layer of skin should never been shaven down to  the point it looks raw or is red. This top layer serves as a protective coating so please be gentle on your feet.)

Now that the skin has become soft during your soak pumice the feet gently and then follow up with an exfoliating scrub (Avon Footworks, $4). The scrub will remove any of the dead skin cells that are remaining.

Take an orange stick and clean any remaining residue from under the toe nails.

Making the cut

Once you’ve dried your feet completely it’s time to cut your toe nails. Try not to cut them too short as this may cause ingrown toe nails which can be horribly painful.
Just like your mani you want to file your nails gently in one direction; although your toenails are thicker a back-and-forth sawing of the nail can cause the nail to splinter.

Gently massage some cuticle cream on each toe and remove the softened cuticle with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Do not force your cuticle back because this can damage the cuticle.

Time for a spit and shine

Alright so I exaggerated there will be no spitting.

Once you’ve finished filing and pushing back the cuticles (gently) take a 3-way buffer to smooth out the surface. Use all of the sides in order to get the perfect finish on the toe nails.

Separate your toes using cotton or a toe separater (this will prevent your toe nails from touching and messing up between polishes).

First apply a base coat which will allow your nail polish to stick and last longer.  Then apply at least 2 even coats (depending on the polish because some sheer ones do require more coats). Start from the base of the nail in the middle going towards the tip and then do the two sides the same way. Allow 2-3 mins before applying the next coat(s).

A clear coat is next in line and this will prevent your color from chipping. I always mess up my toe nails because I can’t sit still so I definitely suggest a fast drying top coat.

Finishing off your pedi…take some massage lotion and rub it into both of your feet massaging from your feet and pushing in the direction of your heart. This will promote a good flow back to the direction of the heart and improve circulation.

That was easy and we didn’t even have to leave our homes to do it. Take some time out for you and give yourself a Spa day.

Til next time…Love and blessings.

Say Spa-AHHH

Written by Amoure


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