Winter Skin Blah’s

Hey ladies it’s been a while but…I do hope you all have been keeping up your bmore-beautiful selves.

Soothing dry, flaky, winter worn skin can can be simple. In this Beauty Corner segment, we’ll show you how to turn your dull dry skin into a glowing complexion your summer face would be jealous of.

Fact: Your skin is the largest of all of your organs.

Ok, stop looking at me like I’m crazy! I just wanted to hit you with a bit of Bill Nye (you do remember the Science Guy right?). Anyways, with that tid bit of information you must know that taking care of your skin no matter what season it is, is extremely important.
During the Fall/Winter, wind and falling temps can be murder on the skin. These elements deplete the skin’s moisture and nutrients. Moisture and nutrients is what keeps your skin healthy. So, you’ll need to replenish your skin with the following things OR you’re going to end up with skin only an alligator can love…and touch.

Stop stealing my shine

You want to go about your regular Spring/Summer facial routine differently than your Fall/Winter one. During the colder, more brisk months, go light on the daily cleansers, tonics, and solutions containing alcohol. This just aids the elements in drying out your skin even faster. These alcohol laced products steal your natural oils and you need all you can get during these months.

If you chemically peel, try doing that less often also because this regimen likes to steal also.

Swiper no Swiping!

What’s your skins attitude problem?

During the Fall/Winter our skin goes through its own PMS: Dry skin becomes irritable and flaky, while oily skin becomes “normal” or not so problematic. (Sounds like a case of the Sybil’s)
Applying a heavier butter or oil based moisturizer will help level out your skins attitude problems and keep dry and flaky at bay.

Remember to apply it liberally and at least an half hour prior to exposing it to chilly temps and winds.

Sunscreen in the Winter??

That’s correct, so unless you live underground with the rest of the mole population this means grab a protective coating because THE SUN STILL SHINES. Same rules apply as they did in the Summer and that means don’t use anything under SPF 15. The reflection from the sun off the snow can be just as damaging to the skin, so you want to make sure you have that added protection. It’s a plus if you find a moisturizer with an added sunscreen.

Can you say winning?

Breaking up

Break ups can be devastating to say the least and breaking skin on the lips and hands really ‘chaps’ my hide. The Wintery elements can be murder on the lips and hands so you want to make sure you moisturize them and protect them as often as possible.

For your lips, you want to look for balms that offer protection, moisture and healing. These can work under your favorite lip color and if you’re lucky you may even find one with a hint of color you can wear alone. Taking care of your hands is very important also because these digit carriers are always under scrutiny. Make sure you use a very thick, shea butter based hand moisturizer and don’t forget the gloves.
Also, treat those wavers to a paraben treatment at least every 2-3 weeks.

Your Winter skin doesn’t have to be blah if you put all these things into heavy rotation. Keep your skin radiant and beautiful all year long.

Bmore-Beautiful and Bmore blessed

xoxoox Amoure


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