Chattin’ with BmoreBeautiful (Jade Greer – Owner of K Staton Boutique)

Hey Beauties,

Yesterday, I got a chance to chat with Jade Greer, Owner and Founder of K Staton Boutique located in Baltimore, MD (Hampden area). This was absolutely a pleasure of mine because she is THE most pleasant person ever. Her spirit is sweet, her customer service is stellar, and her clothing is HOT! I got a chance to visit K Staton Boutique a few months ago and knew instantly that it would be a place I’d visit often. The clothes are very stylish, the decor is chic, and the overall atmosphere is warm and inviting. Our interview was filled with giggles and positive energy. Let’s see what Jade had to say…

BmoreBeautiful: Hey Jade. Can you start off by telling our readers about K Staton Boutique?

Jade Greer: K Staton Boutique started off as a passion of mine. The boutique caters to full-figured women. If I was to give an age demographic, I would say the boutique caters to women between the ages of 25-55. I have something for everyone! The one thing I love is that my boutique crosses all racial barriers. It’s really universal and there is something for everyone.

BB: What inspired you to start your own business?

JG: In December of 2007, I was standing in the line at Safeway looking at the Baltimore magazine. As I was looking through the magazine, I came to a Shop Local section. In the magazine, they were talking about different boutiques in Maryland and God said to me plainly…”Open your own boutique.” That is when I first had the concept to start my own business. I opened the boutique in August of 2009 and I have been operating since. Plus, there weren’t many stores that offered the stylish clothes that I like. I could find shoes and accessories all day but I wanted clothes that had the New York, Urban chic vibe.

BB: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in becoming a business owner?

JG: I would tell them to research their field, be prepared to work, be persistent (because there will be times you feel like giving up), and don’t be afraid to ask other business owners questions. Between December 2007 and August 2009, I researched everything! I learned about designers, researched locations, asked questions, and I also took classes at the Small Business Development Center (located at the University of Baltimore). They helped me learn about tax ID numbers, accounting, and how to draw up a business plan.

BB: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

JG: My girls! I love to talk to, meet with and hear about the things going on in their lives. I also have my OS girls  *giggles*. (Original Shoppers – because they have been her clients before her current location).

BB: How do you strive to encourage women on a daily basis?

JG: I pray daily and I ask God to use me through my smile. I like to make women feel comfortable, glamorous, and beautiful. I enjoy helping them with tips and advice. Also, I like to help women put outfits together. Some women want to look nice but don’t know how to go about it. I like giving them the tools to help pick out outfits they like on their own. It boosts their self-esteem and if their self-esteem is boosted, it helps them become better wives/mothers, etc.

BB: Jade, can you tell our readers where your boutique is located and your hours of operation?

JG: K Staton Boutique is located at 1007-A W. 36th St. Baltimore, MD 21211 in the Hampden area. Monday the boutique is closed. Tues-Wed. we’re open from 11am-6pm, Thur-Sat. we’re open from 11am-8pm, and on Sunday we are open from 12pm-5pm

BB: To conclude our interview, in your own words, what makes YOU beautiful?

JG: Definitely, my style. My smile. Everyone has a smile given to them by God. You can use it to make someone else feel beautiful. I also go out of my way to say hello and think about ways I can make someone’s day.

Well Jade, here at BmoreBeautiful, we think you are the epitome of beauty. Inside AND out! Until next time ladies, let’s continue to BmoreBeautiful


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  1. Victoria Kennedy
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 01:51:38

    This is a great interview. If Jade has clothes to make me look as fly as she does on that photo, I’ll be visiting K Staton Boutique very soon.


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