Hot Spot (V V Brown)

V V Brown is HOT, HOT, HOT!! If you don’t believe me, just go buy her cd entitled “Travelling Like The Light”. I promise you will feel the same. Her voice is sultry, her tone is rich, and she’s an awesome songwriter. This UK born and bred artist/songwriter/model/producer is dopeness personified. Born Vanesssa Brown, this half-Jamaican/half-Puerto Rican beauty, found her love for music early. She learned how to play piano and trumpet at a young age. Vocally, I would say she’s Jazmine Sullivan meets Amy Whinehouse. My favorite songs off of the album are ALL OF THEM lol. Ok, there are a few that stand out above the rest. “Bottles”, “Back in Time”, “Everybody”, and “Crazy Amazing” are my absolute FAV’s!

Travelling Like The Light

I hope you Beauties enjoy VV as much as I have. Don’t hesitate to give your feedback on our Hot Spot featured artists. Just email BmoreBeautiful at to tell us if you enjoy the artist also, or if you know of an artist we could feature. Thanks for your continued support and as always, let’s continue to BmoreBeautiful! =)

Wanna hear for yourself? Here’s a video of a song off of her album entitled “I Love You”. Enjoy!


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