Recycling your Wardrobe for Fall/Winter Season

Ladies and Gents, as we all know, recycling is a big part of our society now. So, why not do the same with your wardrobe? All styles, trends and fads are recycled  throughout the years with a twist or two. To get you ready to make your OLDIES new again for this season, here are 3 tips that will help save you money:

  •  Ladies/Gentlemen gather up all your shoes and boots and find a local shoe repair shop. Get all heels replaced and also get taps put on or replaced (for an ALL year fix). Men if you purchase your shoes from Nordstrom or any other fine shoe retailer, take advantage of their shoe shine and repair services.




  • Check out all the latest colors and trends in fashion magazines or store ads that are considered “IN STYLE” now. Then, go to your closet and gather every piece you ALREADY OWN that match or are similar to those trends. You could have those pieces dry cleaned (you’ll be surprised at what you already have). If you prefer to just freshen pieces up, home dry cleaning often works well too.


  • To add those key pieces to your wardrobe that you DO NOT OWN, check your local Thrift Store, Consignment shops and area Flea markets (remember these trends were around before).




Until next time, continue to BmoreBeautiful

Tia Richards (Fashion Editor)


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