If I Were Her…

This poem is a piece I really wanted to feature on my site. This piece was written by a male who poses questions from a female point of view. I love it because it’s raw and I hope you love it too!! Read and enjoy =)
If I Were Her…
Dedicated to Xiomarys who gave me the idea for this poem:

If my genitalia were different

would it give me a different outlook, alter my position

Would it be about chasing semen or more importantly raising children

Would I focus on bettering myself after the break up?

Would I be secure in my self that inner beauty will suffice and have no use for make up?

In terms of finding a mate, would I speak up?

Or speed it up and mess it up by quickly pulling my dress up?

Its not that I am a slut

We don’t even have to fuck

I just want your attention and your touch

Would I blame the men

but the men I choose are  laymen

but still blame them

For what’s wrong with me

In an attempt to protect my feelings

I wanna be like men and “do me”

But I truly want to be loved for me

Not loved because the way my curves

Are accentuated, wear girdles to conceal

Cause if my fat is revealed then

I am damn near devastated

Would you understand that my hostility towards you

Is my feelings I am defending

My dreams that I am protecting

So I have to bitch and nag

You are to strong for me to brawl

And I have seen a lot before

So my attitude is my weapon

Its not an excuse, because I am an adult

But you  I refuse to lose

I lost a lot before because I didn’t speak up

Would I realize my worth?

That I am an empress, a queen

A mother of the earth

Would I worry if his intentions were pure

Or if he was only interested in the draws

Up all night wondering why I didn’t get a call

At his beck and call waiting for

Him to ask me to be his wife and I can respond forever I am yours

Would I be focused on characters with bank accounts that hold large figures

Or would I be a devoted mother and wife and stay within the confines of the scriptures?

Would I let the right man slip through my grasp because I was scarred from the past?


Exclusively Owned By:

Heathen Alumni L.L.C


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ktktheheathen
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 00:01:38

    Thanks for the love, b-more beautiful. I will definitely stay tuned to the site!


  2. Stacie
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 13:24:18

    Great poem! I know what’s its like to be in that space of NOT knowing self and carrying attitudes to protect my precious gift (my heart) while giving away another precious gift in its place. So glad to go through a process of healing and learning to Embrace Me everyday!


  3. Rashida
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 00:08:32

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Stacie. He is a very talented poet with an awesome site. Check him out at http://www.ktktheheathen.com


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