Ready for Love

i am ready for love

forget being in lust
cuz the only benefit in lust is…
getting humped

and i’m not tryna get stuck
all in my emotions
getting myself all open
for a relationship minus the substance
that doesn’t make sense

i’m not good with casual
i’m not trying to be ur casualty
i’m not trying to aid what has the potential to be a tragedy

i’m lookin to be a main squeeze
because one of these days
i want a dude to get on his knees
and ask for my hand to marry,
his baby to carry,
love him until we’re buried
my modern day fairy…
where a word like fail
wouldn’t survive
the only thing our relationship would be able to do is

that would be sublime
and in my mind
that scenario works just fine
cuz forreal baby…
i don’t have the time
for u to commit to lay down with me
but can’t commit to be down with me

willing to play the role
but still wanting to be free
so as soon as i get all emotional
you can say this is jus a fling

fling out the fact
that i settled like that
and unraveled what was intact
making me regret the interact…ion
so u can say “baby…we was jus having fun”

nah…i’m not the one
i’m not a jump off
i’m the hon
the one
the wife
not the bun buddy
the chic u hit when u wanna cutty
shorty u must be nutty

i’ll wait around for the man who wants substance
time is too short to put up with ur nonsense
like india said…and for me it’s true
i AM ready for love


Poem by: Rashida


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